Watchdog on Biodefense, bioterrorism, bioethics, genetic engineering and biotechnology, science, and medical malfeaseance

Our Mission

Welcome to OPERATION OPENSCRIPT. This is a site dedicated to opening the dialogue about the realities of chronic illness as it relates to incapacitating agents and bioterrorism, biodefense, bioethics and human testing, Medical fraud/corruption (this covers the science, law & regulatory process, prophylactics, vaccines, immunology, etc.), lax safety in academic research handling biological agents, genetic engineering (recombinant DNA) biotechnology and its impact on the eco-system.

Our objectives are as follows:

1) Address the real mechanisms of chronic illness: a biotoxin (Lipid A, LPS, lipoprotein) found on a range of microbes that induces a septic shock that quickly dismantles the immune system and opens the door for opportunistic infections and disseminated viral syndrome, which is a pre-cancer stage. 

2) Address the state of chronic illness around the world and its connections to biodefense work, testing, faulty science, Mycoplasma contamination of vaccines and immunosuppression from exposure to stealth agents causing vaccination to fail resulting in injury and death.

3) Address the heavy conflict of interest between disease biotoxins and military biodefense contracts, the medical and vaccine industry, National Security, medical and insurance fraud via faulty testing and science to avoid paying for the sick.

4) Expose the many numerous players in public health (CDC, NIH, NCI, etc.), biodefense, academia (Yale, University of Texas, New York Medical College, etc.), corporate medical interests in medical and Big Pharma (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Merck, etc.), non-profits and NGOs (Global Lyme Alliance, Lyme Disease Association, American Lyme Disease Foundation, etc.), Working Groups (Lyme Disease working Group, Tick-Borne Disease Working Group (TBDWG), etc.), who are covering up chronic illness and subverting efforts to bring health back to the masses of people suffering from stealth agents, tick-borne diseases, etc. 

5) acknowledge the many biodefense "simulant" testing programs using harmful agents and insect-vectors, calling them "harmless" agents, medical ethics violations in human testing, faulty diagnostic, prophylactic, and preventative measures being promoted for profit-driven agendas that are not working. 

6) Encourage the good people in government, academia, public health, private sector and non-profits to remain watchful and blow the whistle on bioethics violations, medical/science fraud, bioterrorism and bio crimes they encounter.

7) Encourage the sick to use this condition to motivate them to research and understand their disease and speak up for themselves, call for investigations, change the diagnostic and prophylactic standards, push for better science and end to monopolies who take over all the research and capitalize on our suffering.