Below is information and articles relating to the dangers of vaccines. It is a controversial subject that many people take to heart when you disagree. My warning to you is about the toxic fungal and bacterial contaminants- like Mycoplasma that tend to thrive in some vaccines despite the adjuvants to kill it off, like thimerisol, formaldehyde, and aluminum, which go unnoticed and infect people through biopharmaceuticals. It's also about the mechanisms in which foreign government operatives have been actively using them as a channel to sabotage and attack us. They have created a channel for bioterrorism through vaccines. They have been weaponizing them for the better part of the last century in research programs. Many Soviet and German agents and saboteurs have used them as covert weapons in programs such as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study that started in the late 1930's. They use the vaccines as a cover of prevention, safety, and treatment and the action is usually stealth and delayed in response. 

So this is where the danger lies- the bio-contaminants like Mycoplasma, along with the aluminum adjuvants and mercury biproducts like thimerisol, as well as glyphosates, formaldehyde, and other harmful pollutants that are not safe. And why do they add them? Because they know the vaccines commonly get contaminated in the manufacturing phase by Mycoplasma. They add this to try and kill off the mycoplasma but it is not as effective as they hoped, and the pathogenic contaminant still thrives. See Dr. Garth Nicolson's presentation on Weaponized Mycoplasma, and fast forward to 54 minutes and here about the conversation he has with a vaccine manufacturer who gets bumped from first class on a flight- and they talk about the Mycoplasma...